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How Does a Rhinoplasty Differ from a Septoplasty, and Can I Get Both at the Same Time?

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How Does a Rhinoplasty Differ from a Septoplasty, and Can I Get Both at the Same Time?

Whether you breathe, smell, or clean and humidify the air you take in, your nose is a very important organ tied to memory. It identifies things and emotions through the odors that travel through it. In addition, your nose shapes the sound of your voice (combined with your sinuses), and the scent of other people also helps determine sexual interest and arousal.

The bones, cartilage, and tissue in the nose need to be structured in a specific way for proper breathing and other basic functions, and problems in this area may make surgeries like rhinoplasty or septoplasty necessary. In situations where both are necessary, is it possible to do both at the same time? Let’s examine the differences between the two procedures, why you would need them, and how both may be done at once.

If you live in the West Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia, and you need both procedures for nasal problems or cosmetic treatments, Dr. Shivan Amin and his dedicated team at Midtown ENT can help.

Differences between rhinoplasty and septoplasty

Both procedures are focused on making structural changes in your nose, but here’s what separates the two:


Commonly referred to as a nose job, this is a frequently used procedure for reshaping the nose to help you breathe easier, repairing a broken nose, or simply making cosmetic alterations. Open and closed rhinoplasties are the two main types, but other subtypes include cosmetic, filler  (nonsurgical), and secondary procedures.


This surgery is a bit more focused on correcting a misaligned septum, the center section of bone and cartilage that runs down the length of your nose. This allows for repairs of broken noses, congenital disabilities that affect the septum, and other structural issues in that area to help improve breathing.

Rhinoplasty is more broadly concerned with multiple types of changes to the nose, while septoplasty is a specific treatment for repairing problems with the septum. Both can be used as cosmetic or medical treatments to change the appearance of the nose.

Can both be done simultaneously?

There is a surgery known as a septorhinoplasty that often focuses on corrective work on different parts of the nose, including the septum, and uses both treatments. This can allow for treating problems with snoring, dry mouth, breathing, and overall changing the shape of your nose as necessary or requested. It’s a surgery that’s done in 1-3 hours on an outpatient basis, and healing may take several weeks or as long as a full year for complete recovery.

Both rhinoplasty and septoplasty offer a variety of benefits to your nose, and if you need both done simultaneously, there are options to do just that. If you’re ready to see what benefits these treatments can offer separately or combined, make an appointment today with Dr. Amin and his team at Midtown ENT.